Foundations Online: Solar PV System Design & Installation

Foundations Online:
Solar PV System Design & Installation
$695 – 40 Credit Hours
Online Course Access Starts Immediately

12-months Access to Course Resources
Includes Special Instructor-led Online LIVE Topic Sessions

  • E-learning campus, open 24 hours a day. 40 hours of self-paced online lesson material:
    • Extensive design exercises and interactive problem sets. Immediate feedback and grading
    • Instructional videos of instructors showing problem set and exercise solutions
    • Custom slidesets and video lectures
    • Reading assignments, & downloadable resource materials
  • Live Instructor feedback through email and Q&A Forum

Our Foundations Online: Solar PV System Design & Installation course is designed to provide you with the knowledge you need to launch your career in the fast-growing solar industry. You will gain the in-depth understanding of PV systems essential for virtually any role in the solar industry;

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Course also includes:
- textbook: Photovoltaic Systems: 3rd Edition, by Jim Dunlop

*no international shipping; $70 refunded to international participants

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This course is based on the NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) Entry Exam Learning Objectives and the Task Analysis for the PV Installation Professional Exam. After completing this course, participants are eligible to sit for NABCEP‘s Entry Level Exam. Click here to purchase the NABCEP Entry Level Exam.

Live instructor support by email and telephone, as well as special Online LIVE sessions give students access to guidance and expertise while taking the course.

This online, self-paced course is incredibly content-rich: stocked with webinars, animations, slidesets, instructional videos, downloadable materials for offline study, as well as quizzes (more than 150 questions) and exam problem sets (more than 140 exam problems) with immediate feedback and grading. The exam problem sets are similar to what you can expect on solar certification exams.

To gain hands-on experience to complement your online learning, enroll in our Advanced One Day Lab which takes place in our state-of-the-art solar field lab. You can take the lab before, during, or after your online course as it is a stand-alone workshop, providing 8 hours of advanced credit.

Who is this class for?

No matter what your experience or background may be, you can use what you learn in PV201e to launch your career in the solar PV industry or to determine if an investment in solar is right for your property. This course is designed for:

  • Home Owners, Business Owners, and Facility Managers
  • Electricians, Engineers, and Architects
  • Entrepreneurs, Sales & Marketing professionals
  • Contractors, Builders, and Remodelers
  • All other who want to become solar industry professionals

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Had an excellent follow-up interview last Thursday, and a KEY item that impressed him was the PV201 course. Thanks again! –Chris Jones 1/19/15

Thank you, very informative course.” –Daniel  Smith 1/1/15

“It was an amazing experience taking this course online. I am very confident to be successful in PV installation and design market. Thanks.” –Guy Koloko 11/3/14

“With a [megawatt] already under my belt , this course was still very informative and I learned that you can never know enough about a subject. thank you very much. I look forward to taking the entry level test and advanced class in the spring.” –Charles Cameron 8/21/14

Course Details:

  • Instruction Topics
    • The Photovoltaic Industry and the Qualified Solar Pro
    • Basics of Electricity
    • The Solar Resource
    • Site Assessments
    • Tools for the Solar Professional
    • System Components and Configurations
    • Cells, Modules, and Arrays
    • Batteries and Charge Controllers
    • Inverters: Types and Specifications
    • System Sizing and Design
    • Mechanical Integration
    • Electrical Integration
    • Utility Interconnection
    • System Installation and Commissioning
    • Performance and Troubleshooting

  • About Our Instructors

    ImagineSolar has trained thousands of individuals who have gone on to be an integral part of the solar industry. Our course teaches best practices using the most current technologies and methods for the solar industry. Our course instruction is continuously updated with the latest developments as the solar industry evolves. Many of ImagineSolar’s consultants, instructors, and lecturers have obtained one or more NABCEP certifications. To view their credentials please click here.

  • About Our Online Courses

    ImagineSolar Online allows you to learn at your own pace, on your own schedule, and from anywhere – all with live instructor support. In addition to the great course content, videos, readings, and problem sets, students can communicate with ImagineSolar instructors via live videoconferencing, forums, email, and by phone.

    Visual learners will benefit from the various charts, videos, images, animations and graphics.
    Auditory learners will benefit from recorded lectures, narrative video and recitation.
    Tactile learners will benefit from the worksheets, writing repetition and note-taking.

  • About the Special Online LIVE Topic Sessions

    The special Online LIVE Topic Sessions are an optional support resource, giving participants a place to interact with instructors, ask questions, work problems, and discuss course material

    To the right, you can watch our Senior Instructor, Doug Soester, conduct an Online LIVE short course on Ungrounded PV & Non-Insulated Inverters.

    Our Online LIVE Topic Sessions use GoToMeeting. GoToMeeting is a web-hosted service created and marketed by the Online Services division of Citrix Systems. It is an online meeting, desktop sharing, and video conferencing service that enables our instructors to conduct classes via the Internet in real time.

    The first time that you join GoToMeeting, you will be prompted to run the Citrix Launcher. For mobile devices, you will download a free app from the relevant app store.

    0 Foundations Online: Solar PV System Design & Installation


  • System Requirements for our eLearning Campus

    System Requirements for our eLearning Campus

    Our elearning campus uses the Moodle learning platform. There are no download requirements to use Moodle. The following are the system requirements to access the ImagineSolar elearning campus and to interact with our online material.

    High-speed broadband Internet access is recommended.

    You access our elearning campus from a web browser on your PC/tablet/notepad. Windows and Apple devices are both supported.

    Browser Settings and Plug-ins:

    Minimum Browser for using Moodle: Firefox 4, Internet Explorer 8, Safari 5, Google Chrome 11, Opera 9;

    The operating system is not important;

    Java Runtime Environment 1.4 or higher;

    JavaScript Enabled;

    Cookies Enabled;

    Pop-Up blocking Disabled;

    Moodle uses a Flash Player for viewing videos that is compatible with all PC-based and Android devices;

    If you are using Apple computers, install “Adobe Player for Mac” or its equivalent to view the video lectures;

    For Apple iPads, install Photon Flash Player for iPad or the Puffin Web Browser or the equivalent;

  • Provided and Recommended Materials
    • Textbook: Photovoltaic Systems by Jim Dunlop from American Technical Publishers. 3rd edition.
      * Please note that international shipping is not available. Contact us for the International discount code before registration, or $70 will be refunded after registration.
    • Access to ImagineSolar’s online training site containing lessons, video lectures, slideshows, quizzes and additional materials for 12 months

Registration and Enrollment:

Step 1: Get started immediately with our online courses by first creating a new user account in our online campus. Using a web browser, go to and follow the instructions.

Step 2: Log into your new user account and enroll in the courses you choose. Pay using a credit card, debit card, or a PayPal account.

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