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Advanced PV Power Package

2 Online Courses + 5-Day Workshop | $1695

About Our Solar Training Package

The Advanced PV Power Package combines 3 courses to provide a full blended experience – onsite, online, and Online LIVE support from the ImagineSolar staff.

Bundled Price at $1695


  1. Principles of Solar PV System Design & Installation
  2. Advanced 5-Day Solar Workshop
  3. Bonus: Solar Business & Technical Sales Short Course

Workshop Date: September 7th - 11th

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Principles of Solar PV Design & Installation

This online solar training course is designed to teach the principles of solar design and installation. It is suited for individuals who want to gain the knowledge needed to work on solar projects, or in the solar industry.

  • $695
  • 40 Training Hours
  • 12 Months of Self-Paced Access
  • Includes the Photovoltaic Systems textbook by Jim Dunlop
  • Eligibility to purchase and take the NABCEP Associate Program Exam
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Advanced 5-Day Solar Workshop

This course is intended for individuals who want to participate in an all-around, hands-on solar training experience. Learn from instructors whom have had years of experience as solar energy professionals. Join our 5-Day workshop at our world-class Solar Training Facility,

  • $1295
  • 40 advanced training hours
  • 5 full class days
  • Hands-on experience with the latest solar technologies
  • Training hours can be applied towards NABCEP PV Installation Professional Certification
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Step 1: Start your 40 hr Foundations Online course and request your textbook right away.

Step 2: Attend your Online LIVE Topic Sessions. You will retain access to the course resources for 12 months and can complete the course at your own pace.

Step 3: Plan to attend our 5-day advance workshop in Austin, Texas. Split up the days between sections if you prefer.

Upon completion students will be able to:

  • Receive a digital Certificate of Completion
  • Apply for and take the  NABCEP Photovoltaic Associate Exam
  • Earn 40 Advanced training hours toward the NABCEP Pro Installer Certification
  • Home Owners, Business Owners, and Facility Managers
  • Contractors, Builders, and Remodelers
  • Electricians and those skilled in electrical construction
  • Engineers and Architects
  • Entrepreneurs, Sales & Marketing professionals
  • Everyone else who want to become solar industry professionals

No matter what your experience or background may be, you can use what you learn in the Advance PV Power Package to launch your career in the solar PV industry.

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“This is one of the best courses I have ever taken (30+ years as an engineer and thermographer with lots of continuing educations classes). Lots of practical information and examples – all the instructors are knowledgeable and have tons of experience in the industry.”

“The course provided a complete ‘snapshot’ of how to work and install solar. Great presentation! Mike Kuhn’s love for solar came through his explanations, and allowed for open discussions among the class participants.”

“Valuable real-life experiences conveyed to the class. Online resource is very helpful. I liked the discussions regarding application to actual installation situations.”

“Wonderful instructors with great information and insight into the solar industry.”

“I enjoyed the opportunity to ask questions and especially the time taken (by each instructor) to provide a thorough response. I also like that multiple people taught the class – this allowed different perspectives to be appreciated.”

“Verbal and written material was very exemplary, well organized! Good mix of reading, video, problems, lab, exercise, lecture, etc.”

“All the instructors were very knowledgeable in all aspects of the industry. The hands-on approach was very important!”

“All questions answered, logical order, love the handouts; I was curious as to how the industry has changed in twenty years – I think it is time to jump in!”

“The workshop was very good overall. It was much more intense than I anticipated, but was also very helpful and extremely intellectually stimulating!”

“ImagineSolar provided not only a pathway to the NABCEP Certification Exam, but also in-depth installation experience on cutting-edge solar technology including AC-coupled bimodal systems, micro-inverters, dual-axis trackers, and cylindrical CIGS modules as well as traditional solar technology.”

“I thought the workshop was very informative. I would recommend it to everyone that is interested in learning more about solar power.”

“The workshop is very intensive and instructive. Considering the amount of material, it seemed like it was a two week workshop. The book is very explanatory and I will continue to use it for further learning.”

“I found the workshop very informative. There was a lot of info that was presented and it was in a way that was easy to learn and understand.”

“I feel much more confident with theory and application after this week. I had already read a good portion of the textbook previous to class, but the classroom instruction and hands on training really helped to reinforce learning.”

“I’ve had the chance to attend the 40-hour solar training program for Imagine Solar – – They have a great course/training program that prepares you for the NABCEP Exam which certifies you to install solar panels. The course is thorough and I’d recommend it to anyone. High stars!”

“The class was certainly a lot more than I expected. I really liked the way we were introduce to the science of solar power in that we covered mathematics, theory, electrical calculation brush up, solar system layout pertaining to the earth and the sun, the advances in solar power especially in other countries (Germany, Japan) and the need to take advantage of such an abundant source. I really appreciated the opportunity to do the hands on portion with the knowledgeable instructors around especially with equipment new to us. The breaking up into groups to perform the difference phases of installations, calculations and equipment introduction was an excellent idea. All three instructors did a great job and seemed really enthused with their work. I really think that the NJATC needs to look closely at inserting some solar power training into the apprenticeship program as I can see the need for qualified and safety orientated personnel being of great demand in the future if not now.”

“I had studied PV quite a bit before this workshop. However, I learned so much more in one week that I will gain the cost of the workshop back in a very short time as I ramp my business into solar.”

“Thorough. Instructor [was] knowledgeable and I understood concepts quickly with watching videos.”

"With a [megawatt] already under my belt , this course was still very informative and I learned that you can never know enough about a subject. Thank you very much. I look forward to taking the entry level test and advanced class in the spring.”

“It was an amazing experience taking this course online. I am very confident to be successful in PV installation and design market. Thanks.”

"Had an excellent follow-up interview last Thursday, and a KEY item that impressed him was the Foundations of
Solar PV System Design & Installation course [from ImagineSolar]. Thanks again!"

“I chose the ImagineSolar online course because of the availability of their solar field lab training. Their labs were spot-on!”

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