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Assemble, energize, and commission a complete PV system to the grid in our Solar Lab Facility!

Hands-on experience with the latest solar technologies

Contact us at 512-443-5725

Ask us about our demos of the latest solar technology.

Hands-On Solar Labs & Demos Include:

  • LAB Preparation: Flashing and Mounting
  • Hands-On LAB: Flashing and Mounting Lab SnapNrack Installation
  • Designing SolarEdge DC-to-DC Power Optimizer Systems
  • Lab Preparation: Grid-tied PV System Installation & Commissioning
  • Hands-On Lab: Grid-tied DC-Optimizer PV System Installation & Commissioning
    • Mission Solar 72-cell PERC PV Modules, Ecolibrium Solar Ecofoot2, SolarEdge Inverter and DC Optimizers
  • Debrief Installation Lab
  • Demo SolarEdge Designer

LAB Preparation: Flashing and Mounting

  • Prepping for PV: Installing & Flashing PV Roof Mounts
  • Sunmodo Installation Guide
  • Sunmodo EZ Roof Mount L Foot Installation Promo Video
  • Quick Mount PV: Classic Composition Mounting Instructions

Hands-On LAB: Flashing and Mounting Lab

Designing SolarEdge DC-to-DC Power Optimizer Systems

  • SolarEdge Power Optimizer Spec Sheet
  • SolarEdge Single Phase Inverters Spec Sheet
  • Solar Edge Presentation

Lab Preparation: Grid-tied PV System Installation & Commissioning

  • CanadianSolar PV Module Datasheet
  • CanadianSolar Installation Manual
  • Ecolibrium Solar Power Accessory Bracket
  • Ecolibrium Solar Ecofoot2+ Solar Mounting Systems
    • Ecofoot2+ Data Sheet
    • Ecofoot2+ Installation Guide
  • Solar Edge System Drawing
  • SolarEdge Lab Bill of Materials
  • SolarEdge PV System Installation & Commissioning Procedure
  • SolarEdge Inverter Quick Installation Guide

Hands-On Lab: Grid-tied DC-Optimizer PV System Installation & Commissioning

  • Debrief Installation Lab
  • Demo SolarEdge Site Designer

Upon completion students will be able to:

  • Receive a Certificate of Completion
  • Assemble a Basic DC Photovoltaic System
  • Design systems using SolarEdge Site Designer

No matter what your experience or background may be, you can use what you learn to launch your career in the solar PV industry or to determine if an investment in solar is right for your property. This course is designed for:

  • Property Owners, Business Owners, and Facility Managers
  • Electricians, Engineers, and Architects
  • Entrepreneurs, Sales & Marketing professionals
  • Contractors, Builders, and Remodelers
  • All other who want to become solar industry professionals

For the Advanced 1-Day Project Lab:

What to Bring

We recommend that you bring a water bottle, sunglasses, a hat, and sunscreen. You must wear closed-toe, closed-heel shoes. Work boots are best. Causal dress is recommended. Shorts and T-shirts are fine. Computers are not required but we do have free Wi-Fi and you may bring a computer if you like.


There are several restaurants and fast food options in the neighborhood. You are also welcome to bring your own lunches.

What we Provide

We will provide gloves and eye protection.

We will provide meters and tools.

ImagineSolar has trained thousands of individuals who have gone on to be an integral part of the solar industry. Our course teaches best practices using the most current technologies and methods for the solar industry. Our course instruction is continuously updated with the latest developments as the solar industry evolves. Many of ImagineSolar’s consultants, instructors, and lecturers have obtained one or more NABCEP certifications. To view their credentials please click here.

ImagineSolar operates a world-class Regional Solar Field Lab inside the The Austin Electric JATC. Training takes place indoors, outdoors, ground-level and on the top of the 4000 sqft training facility. Photovoltaic module technologies include crystalline silicon, amorphous silicon, and copper indium gallium di-selenide ranging in size from 60W to 235W. Inverters include grid-tied, off-grid, bi-modal hybrid, microinverter and bi-polar.

“I got what I wanted, a crash course in the nuts and bolts of solar energy and a good look at the state of the industry in Texas and the rest of the world. I made some good networking contacts as well.”

“I was new to the industry, so I enrolled in their introductory courses; what they call their Foundations series (PV for photovoltaic). By the end of the [One Day Lab] class we (the students) were installing modules in an array on a mock up roof, hooking everything up to combiner boxes, cut-offs and inverters, and then we pridefully watched the meter spin backwards. Keep in mind, I did’t know the difference between a volt, amp, or watt before this class. These guys are professional, down to earth and just flat out knowledgable. What’s more, they are passionate about what they are doing. Even if you’re just interested in learning the basics, like me, I recommend these guys in a heart beat.”

“The hands-on training was a critical addition to their online course. The experience of the instructors was impressive. The labs were enjoyable and informative.”

“I chose the ImagineSolar online course because of the availability of their solar field lab training. Their labs were spot-on!”

To schedule a Custom Workshop contact us at 512-443-5725

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