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Advanced Solar Business & Technical Sales

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About Our Solar Business Training

The economics of solar are changing swiftly. This course looks into the business side of solar where shifts in financing, leasing, utility rates, and equipment prices are aiding the market in rapid expansion.

This solar business training course is based on both the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) Task Analysis, as well as ImagineSolar’s years of experience as solar industry practitioners and policy makers.

  • 60 Advanced Training Hours
  • Immediately access the course upon registration.
  • Work through the learning materials at your own pace.
  • Enrollment duration is 12 months.
  • Ability to watch videos and review content as many times as you want.

Course Description PDF

Our Advanced Solar Business & Technical Sales course has two parts:

  • Part 1: focuses on Solar PV Marketing and Technical Sales. Course participants learn several topics essential to the process of qualifying prospective customers, conducting customer site assessments, developing conceptual designs, calculating expected performance, calculating the non-financial benefits, and preparing customer proposals for solar photovoltaic systems. In addition, they will learn about the process of commissioning, monitoring, & turning-over the PV system to the customer.
  • Part 2: focuses on Solar PV System Financial Analysis and Financing. Course participants learn several topics essential to the process of understanding utility rate structures, the new Value of Solar (VoS) tariffs, net metering, and incentives (rebates, PBIs, tax credits, etc.). Also, they learn how to do the cost breakdown analysis for an installed PV system and how to calculate the financial justification for solar customers. They will learn about the options for PV system financing including loans, leases, and power purchasing agreements. In addition, they will learn about the future of distributed generation using PV systems as new policies are being implemented throughout solar markets.

The course has 83 video lectures and includes over 500 questions in the exercises and the exams.

Recommended Prerequisite:

Our solar technologies course PV201e: Principles of Solar PV System Design and Installation (online) or other types of study on the solar resource and solar industry technologies.

Depending on your background, NABCEP may require you to have the PV Associate Credential to be eligible to take the PV Technical Sales Certification exam. You can read more about the PV Technical Sales Certification exam requirements and qualifications at If you want to become a NABCEP PV Associate, check out our PV201e course.

Part 1

Lesson 1: Dynamics and Trends of the Solar PV Industry & the Solar Professional

Lesson 2: Qualifying the Customer

Lesson 3: Site Analysis/Site Assessment

Lesson 4: PV System Conceptual Design and Performance Analysis

Lesson 5: Non-Financial Benefit Analysis for Adopting Solar PV Technology

Lesson 6: Proposals, Commissioning, Monitoring, & Turning-Over the System to the Customer

Part 2

Lesson 7: Utility Rate Structures

Lesson 8: Incentive Programs for PV Systems

Lesson 9: PV Systems Cost

Lesson 10: Financial Analysis for PV Systems

Lesson 11: PV System Financing – Loans, Leases, Power Purchase Agreements

Lesson 12: The Future of Distributed Generation

This course prepares the student to:

  • Pursue a career in Solar Business & Technical Sales
  • Apply for and take the NABCEP PV Technical Sales Certification Exam.
  • Entrepreneurs, Technologists, and Investors
  • Contractors and Builders
  • Insurance and Real Estate Professionals
  • Project Developers and Financiers
  • Technical Sales & Marketing professionals
  • Electricians and Inspectors
  • Engineers and Architects
  • Solar Company Employees
  • Aspiring solar industry professionals

ImagineSolar has trained thousands of individuals who have gone on to be an integral part of the solar industry. Our course teaches best practices using the most current technologies and methods for the solar industry. Our course instruction is continuously updated with the latest developments as the solar industry evolves. Many of ImagineSolar’s consultants, instructors, and lecturers have obtained one or more NABCEP certifications. To view their credentials please click here.


ImagineSolar Online allows you 12-months access to the elearning campus to learn at your own pace, on your own schedule, and from anywhere – all with live instructor support. In addition to the great course content, videos, readings, and problem sets, students can communicate with ImagineSolar instructors via forums, email, and by phone.

  • Visual learners will love from the various charts, videos, images, animations and graphics.
  • Auditory learners will love the recorded lectures, narrative video and recitation.
  • Tactile learners will love the worksheets and slideshows.

Our online courses use the Moodle learning platform. There are no download requirements to use Moodle. The following are the system requirements to access the ImagineSolar elearning campus and to interact with our online material.


High-speed broadband Internet access is recommended.


You access our online courses from a web browser on your PC/tablet/notepad. Windows and Apple devices are both supported.

Browser Settings and Plug-ins:

Minimum Browser for using Moodle:

  • Firefox 4
  • Internet Explorer 8
  • Safari 5
  • Google Chrome 11
  • Opera 9

The operating system is not important.

Java Runtime Environment 1.4 or higher with the following settings:

  • JavaScript Enabled
  • Cookies Enabled
  • Pop-Up blocking Disabled

Moodle uses a Flash Player for viewing videos that is compatible with all PC-based and Android devices.

For Apple computers, install “Adobe Player for Mac” or its equivalent to view the video lectures.

For Apple iPads, install Photon Flash Player for iPad or the Puffin Web Browser or the equivalent.


Lots of Info

“Lots of info to help with quizzes, I like the online course it helps me do things at my own pace.”

Starting to Get Serious

“I’ve taken this course [Advanced Solar Business and Technical Sales] from ImagineSolar (in the classroom) and can highly recommend it for anyone starting to get serious about their passion for all the solar industry offers, and, of course, for anyone in the industry ready to increase their professional credentials.”

ImagineSolar Prepared Me

“ImagineSolar prepared me for the NABCEP installer and technical sales tests. I hold both certificates and highly recommend ImagineSolar.”

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