Student Feedback & Complaint Policy

Feedback Policy:

Our Commitment:

ImagineSolar recognizes the importance of feedback as an opportunity for improving services and operations.  We are committed to feedback being encouraged, collected, and used to contribute to the process of continuous improvement.  ImagineSolar’s feedback procedures will be conducted in a manner which underpins our values of Integrity, Accountability, Empathy, and Collaboration.


- Feedback is encouraged from those to whom we deliver services.  At the summation of each in-person workshop, we will offer paper course evaluations to collect feedback on our course delivery.  Onsite course participants will be offered the opportunity to fill out on online form when they request their Certificate of Completion.

- Every reasonable flexibility will be afforded to participants who prefer to submit feedback anonymously or to communicate feedback in person. You can request a link to our online feedback form by sending a request to our CEO/Founder’s email which is provided below. We encourage wherever possible, for feedback and complaints to be made in writing so that the details of the complaint are clear and complete.

- ImagineSolar Staff will be responsible for managing feedback and complaints procedure and will ensure complex feedback or complaints will be escalated to our CEO/Founder and Board of Directors to reach an outcome and address any systemic issues. The outcome may result in a change of policy, system and or procedure(s).

- ImagineSolar shall address all feedback in a confidential manner. Only the people directly involved in making, investigating or resolving a complaint will have access to information. If appropriate, identifiable information will be removed.

- Anonymous feedback will be accepted and investigated as far as possible. ImagineSolar will not reveal commenter’s name or personal details to anyone outside the organization without the commenter’s permission.

- ImagineSolar will ensure that any feedback or complaint is free of repercussions and will take necessary steps to ensure that no victimization occurs against anyone.

- ImagineSolar will endeavor to have courses reflect feedback but recognizes that this will not be possible on all occasions. In such circumstances, ongoing monitoring and evaluation will occur. Every effort will be made to communicate progress of the ongoing process in such circumstances to the commenter.

- Our feedback handling policy and management system will be reviewed annually to ensure its efficient delivery of effective outcomes. ImagineSolar will review and conduct analysis to inform our continuous improvement process.

Complaint Policy:

ImagineSolar LLC strives to be fair, equitable, and consistent in the implementation of all program policies, procedures and actions.

Any participant wishing to express a concern or dispute program policies, procedures, or actions may do so in accordance with the following steps:

  1. The person may approach staff/instructor immediately involved in the situation and attempt to reach a resolution.
  2. If a resolution can’t be reached or at the participants discretion, the person may contact us to request a Complaint Form and the complaint form may be submitted to the instructor, or at the participants discretion, it may be submitted to the Director:
  1. The Director will review the complaint and forward the Complaint Form to the immediate staff in which the complaint was lodged.
  2. The Director will respond to the complaining party in writing within five work days.