PV201: Solar PV System Design & Installation

PV160 web 300x225 PV201: Solar PV System Design & Installation

PV201: Solar PV System Design & Installation
40 Hours | $1295
IREC Accredited Continuing Education Provider™

This 40-hour hands-on workshop explores solar resource fundamentals, site assessment, system sizing, design and electrical
integration for grid-tied PV systems.

This course is based on the NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) Entry Exam Learning Objectives and the Job Task Analysis for the PV Professional Installer Exam. It goes far beyond a typical Entry Level Course to build your skill in the photovoltaic science, site assessment, PV system components, and electrical/mechanical integration.

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"I like how educated the instructors were.  They could answer any question I asked, and I ask a lot.  Everything tied in together nicely.  I've been to a lot of classes and feel this was the most efficiently delivered class thus far.  You can really see the passion they have for what they're teaching."–Patrick Pollard, Albuquerque, NM