PV321: Advanced PV System Technologies

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PV321: Advanced PV System Technologies
20 Credit Hours

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Day 1: SolarEdge DC/DC Power Optimization System
Day 2: Battery-based Inverters

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Our Advanced PV System Technologies workshop is designed for those who want a professional understanding of new solar industry technologies and the integration of those technologies into system solutions for commercial, residential, and utility-scale projects.  PV321 is a 2-day course that includes design concepts, system analysis, and hands-on labs. We work with a complete, energized PV system each day and use it to illustrate where solar technology is headed.  These new solar industry technologies challenge the traditional approaches. Join us to work with these technologies and to understand how they comply with the 2014 NEC.

PV321 takes place in our state-of-the-art solar field lab and training center in Austin, Texas, and is designed for out-of-towners as well as those in the Austin area. Combine PV321 with a visit to Austin – the “Live Music Capital of the World.” This course provides advanced training credit for the NABCEP PV Installer Certification Exam and NABCEP continuing education credit. After successfully completing ImagineSolar’s PV321 course, you will be better prepared to take the rigorous NABCEP Certification Exam.


Day One:

Day one of PV321 is dedicated to SolarEdge and includes step-by-step system design, installation, and commissioning of a full grid-tied PV system.  We will go over the SolarEdge monitoring and site design software, and we will explore the SolarEdge hardware including instruction on the unique National Electric Code requirements concerning:
- Proper grounding of DC-to-DC optimizers with PV modules
- Correct wiring of ungrounded inverters
- Article 690.12 new emergency shut-down requirements from the 2014 NEC

* Learn about the SolarEdge system architecture and its features and benefits including design flexibility, performance, and safety:
- Longer Strings and Flexible Orientations
- Module-level Maximum Power-Point Tracking
- Shade-tolerant PV Systems
- Module-level Arc Detection and Shutdown
- Low Voltage Mode
- Power-Line-Communication
* Compare the tradeoffs between DC-to-DC optimization and other approaches
* Conduct performance experiments with the SolarEdge equipment
* Web-based monitoring portal
- Performance monitoring of PV arrays
- Automatic fault detection
- Alerts at the module, string, and system levels
* Understand the portal structure and use the site monitoring tools
- The monitoring dashboard
- Physical and logical layouts
- Charts for performance analysis and customized reports,
- New site creation, account and site administration, and user-defined alerts.
* Conduct performance experiments with the SolarEdge equipment


Day Two:

In this advanced demonstration lab, we’ll be focused on battery-based inverters. These inverters can be used completely off-grid, or in tandem with a grid-interactive system. We’ll be showcasing the SMA Sunny Island inverter, utilizing its “AC coupled” architecture to work in tandem with a grid-tied inverter and a gas generator. These types of systems are in high demand for off-grid applications as well as providing backup power during outages. In the lecture, we’ll be discussing emerging trends in the energy storage market, and how coupling battery-based systems with PV installations is becoming an attractive option for system owners. Over the course of the day, we will assemble a complete multi-modal system and energize it with a 3kW array.

Discussions and demonstrations will cover:
* Battery Technologies
- Flooded Lead Acid
- AGM and Gel
- Other chemistries – Li-ion, Ni-Fe, NiMH
* System Sizing and Design
- Storage system sizing and depth of discharge limits
- Power limitations and load analysis
* The SMA Sunny Island System – AC Coupling and Modular Integration
- AC coupling v. DC coupling
- Integrating grid-tied inverters
- Integrating grid power
- Integrating auto-start backup generators
* System Programming and Monitoring
- Charging set points
- Operation Modes
- Monitoring and communication
* Emerging Trends in the Energy Storage Market
- Demand drivers
- New technological improvements
- Changing costs
- Development of incentive structures


Who is this Class for?

  • Solar Professionals
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Electricians
  • Contractors
  • Engineers and Designers
  • Architects
  • Builders and Remodelers
  • All others who want to become solar industry professionals

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About Our Instructors and Facility

ImagineSolar has trained thousands of individuals who have gone on to be an integral part of the solar industry. Our instructors teach best practices using the most current technologies and methods for the solar industry.  Our modern facilities are equipped with computers, current software, Wi-Fi, and all tools required for labs. In addition, our course instruction is continuously updated with the latest advancements as the fast-paced solar industry expands and evolves.


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“Excellent presentation and workshop – system is exactly what I need for off-grid minigrid in Africa.” –Sam Zoker

"ImagineSolar provided not only a pathway to the NABCEP Certification Exam, but also in-depth installation experience on cutting-edge solar technology including AC-coupled bimodal systems, micro-inverters, dual-axis trackers, and cylindrical CIGS modules as well as traditional solar technology."–Jack Payne, B.J. Electric owner and JATC Board of Trustees member, Austin, Texas

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