Advanced PV Project Experience

Advanced Solar PV Project Experience | $1295

5-Days | 40 Advanced Training Hours | Hands-On | Austin, TX
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Advanced Solar PV Project Experience Workshop PDF

The primary goal of this workshop is to prepare you to plan, design, and implement solar PV projects using the latest technologies.

Hands-On Solar Labs & Demos Include:

  • Microinverter Home Energy Solution with AC Battery (Enphase Energy IQ+)
  • Rail-Less Installation Lab (Ecolibrium Solar EcoX , Canadian Solar, UL2703 Compliant)
  • Grid-Tied PV Installation & Commissioning Lab with DC Optimizers (SolarEdge, Ecolibrium Solar Ecofoot2+)
  • Rail-Based Flashing and Mounting Lab (SunModo, UniRac, Sharp)
  • Site Assessment Lab (Solar Pathfinder, Solmetric SunEye)
  • Also, Take a Tour of  Today’s Current Solar Technologies

Detailed  Workshop Topics:

  • PV System Components | Electricity Review
  • PV Module Specifications
  • HANDS-ON LAB: Rail-Based Flashing & Mounting Lab
  • Tools: Multi-Meters, Irradiance Meters, etc.
  • HANDS-ON LAB: Grid-Tied PV Installation & Commissioning Lab with DC Optimizers
  • DEMO: SolarEdge Monitoring Portal
  • DEMO: SolarEdge Site Designer
  • The Qualified Solar Pro
  • Project Experience Roadmap & Design Verification
  • PV Cells, Modules, & Arrays
  • PV Module Specifications compared to the National Electrical Code (NEC) 690.7, 690.8
  • PV System Three Line Wiring Diagrams
  • The National Electrical Code (NEC)
  • Module Efficiency Considerations
  • EXERCISES: Voltage & Ampacity
  • DEMO: String Sizing Software
  • Inverter Sizing Calculations
  • Conduit & Raceway Calculations
  • Electrical Integration & the NEC
  • PV System Grid Interconnection
  • Conductor Sizing Calculations
  • Important Changes in the NEC
  • Overcurrent Protection & NEC Article 240
  • New PV Power Electronics Technologies
  • Ungrounded PV and Non-Isolated Inverters: Code & Installation Considerations
  • Field Inspection Guidelines for PV Systems
  • Inspections of PV Systems: Best and Worst Practices
  • The Solar Resource
  • HANDS-ON LAB: Site Assessment with Solar Pathfinder & Solmetric SunEye
  • DEMO: Performance Estimation with the PV Watts Calculator from NREL
  • EXERCISE: PV System Design (SolarWorld, SMA)
  • Rail-Based versus Rail-Less Mounting Systems
  • HANDS-ON LAB: Rail-Less Installation Lab
  • DEMO: Ecolibrium Solar EcoX Estimator
  • Managing PV Projects
  • DEMO: Solar PV System Design Software
  • IBC and IFC Code Requirements
  • PV System Equipment Labeling Requirements
  • Update on PV Industry Growth and Dynamics
  • TOUR: Today’s Real-World Solar Technologies


Feedback from our customers -

November 2016 workshop:

“This is one of the best courses I have ever taken (30+ years as an engineer and thermographer with lots of continuing educations classes).  Lots of practical information and examples – all the instructors are knowledgeable and have tons of experience in the industry.”
- Alan K., Civil Engineer & Inspector

“The course provided a complete ‘snapshot’ of how to work and install solar.  Great presentation! Mike Kuhn’s love for solar came through his explanations, and allowed for open discussions among the class participants.”
- Todd S., Entrepreneur

“Valuable real-life experiences conveyed to the class.  Online resource is very helpful.  I liked the discussions regarding application to actual installation situations.”
- Linda H., Solar Business Owner

“Wonderful instructors with great information and insight into the solar industry.”
- Jon M., Electrician

“I enjoyed the opportunity to ask questions and especially the time taken (by each instructor) to provide a thorough response.  I also like that multiple people taught the class – this allowed different perspectives to be appreciated.”
- Gary G., M.S., MBA, Entrepreneur

“Verbal and written material was very exemplary, well organized!  Good mix of reading, video, problems, lab, exercise, lecture, etc.”
- Larry K., P.E., J.D.

“All the instructors were very knowledgeable in all aspects of the industry.  The hands-on approach was very important!”
- David K., Solar Business Owner

“All questions answered, logical order, love the handouts;  I was curious as to how the industry has changed in twenty years – I think it is time to jump in!”
- Bob W., Master Electrician

pixel Advanced PV Project Experience


Upcoming Dates:

• April 6th-10th, 2018
• July 13th-17th, 2018
• September 28th- October 2nd, 2018
• January 25th – 29th, 2019

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Want to start today and train at your own pace? Consider our Foundations Online course.

“I have faith I could take these skills into the real world. This class has gone beyond my expectations. I feel much more comfortable with dealing with Photovoltaic Systems than before. ” –Tyler Jones- 11/5/14

“Course was a great way to understand solar industry and design” –Peter Antwi - 11/5/14

“I would highly recommend this course to anyone seeking to get into PV” –Shelby Byrd - 11/5/14

“Very well conducted course. Glad that I came and with no working knowledge of the subject, I feel that I have learned a lot” –Matt Foster - 4/9/14

“Any question that was asked was answered and not cut off.” –Daniel Zweiner - 4/9/14

“This course definitely helped de-mystifying the subject of solar-PV power in a clearly organized and well-designed manner. The hands-on activities added to the overall experience of a fun course.” –Denis Guleiof

“Course was well done. I feel like I’m leaving with significantly more knowledge than I came in with… If asked I would recommend to another person.” –Jon Gorman

“A combination of Michael’s perspective & Doug’s practical know-how was amazing.” –Jeffrey Mathews

“Excellent presentation, down to earth, easy to understand.” –Don Garritano

“Doug’s experience with hands-on installation and NEC code made the course invaluable. The instruction has been excellent and met my need for practical experience.” –Sam Zoker

"ImagineSolar instructors: Thanks for your hard work this week with our solar class. Each of you helped our local understand the benefits and importance of solar energy! You made it fun to learn PV! Your patience and upbeat attitude with each of us was very kind. Your love of teaching solar energy has an energy all its own! Whatever level we are able to work with PV we will always be grateful to our instructors at ImagineSolar for having introduced us to the PV industry. Your new friends, David C. Etter and all the Brothers from Local #20, I.B.E.W."–David Etter, Dallas, Texas

There was no time wasted. Every moment was spent on useful topics.–Christopher Langham


Advanced 5 Day Workshop Details:

  • Who is this course for?

    Who is this class for?

    • Home Owners, Business Owners, and Facility Managers
    • Contractors, Builders, and Remodelers
    • PV System Installation Crews
    • Electricians and those skilled in electrical construction
    • Engineers and Architects
    • Entrepreneurs, Sales & Marketing professionals
    • Everyone else who want to become solar industry professionals

    No matter what your experience or background may be, you can use what you learn in the Advance PV Power Package to launch your career in the solar PV industry.

    Not sure if this course is right for you? Check with our Solar Career Pathfinders at 512-443-5725 or email us at

  • Labs and Demonstrations

    Hands-on Instruction

    Students will get a chance to assemble, energize and commission a complete grid-tied 3kW PV system in our regional field lab. Our hands-on training is conducted in small groups to ensure concepts are grasped.

    Labs and hands-on instruction include:

    • Solar PV Module Lab
    • Safety, Meters, and Tools
    • Site Assessment with the Solar Pathfinder and the Solmetric SunEye
    • Grid-Tied SolarEdge Power-Optimized PV System Installation
    • PV System Performance Analysis
    • Professional PV System Design Software Demonstrations

  • Course Schedule

    The 5 Day Workshop takes place Friday through Tuesday.  Participants are welcome to split attendance between scheduled sessions as long as the days are still taken in series.

    Friday 9am-6pm
    Saturday 9am-6pm
    Sunday 11am-6pm
    Monday 9am-6pm
    Tuesday 9am-6pm

  • Course Materials

    ImagineSolar lab workbook, classroom binder, all lab fees.

  • About Our Instructors

    ImagineSolar has trained thousands of individuals who have gone on to be an integral part of the solar industry. Our course teaches best practices using the most current technologies and methods for the solar industry. Our course instruction is continuously updated with the latest developments as the solar industry evolves. Many of ImagineSolar’s consultants, instructors, and lecturers have obtained one or more NABCEP certifications. To view their credentials please click here.

  • About Our Training Center and Solar Lab

    ImagineSolar operates a world-class Regional Solar Field Lab inside the The Austin Electric JATC. Training takes place indoors, outdoors, ground-level and on the top of the 4000 sqft training facility. Photovoltaic module technologies include crystalline silicon, amorphous silicon, and copper indium gallium diselenide ranging in size from 60W to 235W. Inverters include grid-tied, off-grid, bi-modal hybrid, microinverter and bi-polar.

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Bundle the Advanced 5 Day Workshop with other courses and save 15%

  • Bundle: Advanced PV Power Package

    Advanced PV Power Package

    3 Courses | 80 Credit Hours
    Instructor-mentored 40 Credit Hour Online Course:
    Foundations Online: Solar PV System Design & Installation
    • 40 Advanced Hours Onsite: 5 day Advanced Solar PV Project Experience
    at the ImagineSolar Training Center & Solar Lab
    • Solar Technical Sales Online Short Course

    ImagineSolar’s Advanced PV Power Packages provide a combination of blended onsite, online, and Online LIVE support from ImagineSolar staff.  These components combine to give you strong foundational knowledge, hands-on training, and coaching to succeed in the solar industry. Our blended learning approach is the best of all worlds, combining the flexibility of online training with the comraderie and support of having a campus and student community.

    The Advanced PV Power Package can earn you eligibility for taking the NABCEP Photovoltaic Associate Exam as well as providing 40 hours advanced training credits. Earning a Passing Score Achievement on the Photovoltaic Associate Exam in combination with completing the Advanced 5 Day Workshop will satisfy the training requirements for NABCEP PV Installation Professional certification application. Those who plan to take the NABCEP PV Installation Professional certification exam should consider the Solar PV System Design & Project Professional Certificate.

    To register for the Advanced PV Power Package:

    Call us toll free at 512-443-5725 to enroll by phone.

  • Bundle: Solar PV System Design & Project Professional Certificate: Pathway to NABCEP Pro Installer Certification

    Foundations Online: Solar PV System Design & Installation
    Advanced Online: Solar PV System Design & NABCEP Exam Prep
    5-Day Workshop - Advanced Solar PV Project Experience

    (Actual Value of three courses = $2685)
    15% off for Solar PV System Design & Project Professional Certificate Bundle = $2280
    Save another $100 with Early Bird registration = $2180

    - Instructor-mentored, self-paced courses
    - Start immediately
    - Special Online LIVE sessions
    - 12 months access to Foundations Online: Solar PV System Design & Installation course
    - 12 months access to Advanced Online: Solar PV System Design & NABCEP Exam Prep course
    - 5 Days of Advanced Hands-on Training at our Solar Lab
    - 140 total credit hours

Registration and Enrollment:

Option 1: Call us at 512-443-5725 to register by phone.

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