SG101e: Online Smart Grid and Distributed Generation

sg101e computer SG101e: Online Smart Grid and Distributed Generation$195 – 8 Credit Hours

Start your Smart Grid education today. The smart grid is a collection of system-level solutions and strategies that are transforming the way electric power is generated, distributed, monitored, controlled, and consumed. These system-level solutions and strategies will modernize our nation’s electrical system, implementing a broad range of system-wide improvements that will make the electric grid smarter, more efficient, more reliable, and safer as well as equipped for future demand growth.

SG101e examines the challenges facing the U.S. electric grid: aging infrastructure, growing demand, poor efficiency, a lack of automation, and incompatibility with newer, cleaner generation technologies. Strategies and technologies currently being deployed to meet these challenges are discussed, as well as future areas of research and development.

Who is this class for?

ImagineSolar’s, 8 hour self-paced online course offers students an introduction to Smart Grid concepts and technologies in the electric power industry. The smart grid offers new opportunities for professionals of all kinds, including:

  • IT Professionals
  • Engineers and code officials
  • Electrical contracting professionals
  • University and community college students
  • Smart consumer electronics/appliance developers
  • Project managers, energy managers and transmission planners
  • Entrepreneurs and business professionals
  • Electricians, line workers, and technicians
  • Utility professionals and utility policy makers
  • System operators and cyber security specialists

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Instruction Topics

  • Introduction: Challenges and Solution Sets
  • Smart Gird Overview: Meeting the Challenges
  • Electrification of the Transportation Industry: The Rise of the Electric Vehicle
  • Meters: Smarter Meters for a Smarter Grid
  • Demand Response: Shaving the Peak
  • Smart Homes: Smarter Appliances for Smarter Consumers
  • PMU and Sensors: Phasor Measurement Units – Knowledge is Power
  • Integrated Volt/VAR: Making the Grid Work Together
  • Micro Grids
  • Energy Storage
  • DC Systems: The War of the Currents Isn’t Over- Arc Faults and Data Centers
  • FREEDM Center: Meeting Tomorrow’s Energy Needs
  • Jobs Outlook: Addressing a Critical Skills Shortage

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:

  • Articulate the limits and challenges of today’s electric grid and the solution sets that will create the smart grid.
  • Define distributed generation and identify the challenges and benefits to adoption of distributed generation.
  • Identify the characteristics and operational goals of a smart grid.
  • Understand the current market dynamics of electric vehicle (EV) adoption, infrastructure deployment and utility responses to electric vehicles.
  • Describe a smart meter and how two-way communication changes the producer-consumer relationship with direct load control and real-time pricing. Identify how these new abilities along with rates and tariffs affect load profiles, grid stability, power outages, and energy economics.
  • Explain how the grid can be operated more efficiently and reliably by intelligently managing and predicting the demand for power.
  • Explain how new generations of smarter appliances and consumer devices are revolutionizing the way we consume electricity.
  • Explain how having accurate and up-to-date information is critical to making the right decisions particularly in pending blackout situations. Explain how new sensors on the grid will give operators the real-time information they need to keep the lights on.
  • Explain the concept of Volt/VAR control and why we need it. Explain how the integration of information technology will make it better.
  • Understand the function and topology of micro grids and identify areas for possible deployment.
  • Explain the need for energy storage and the types of storage technologies that are being developed.
  • Quantify the benefits of DC power; describe the building applications using DC power buses; identify the new DC power standards and hybrid DC/AC systems.
  • Explain the need for arc fault protection for DC circuits and the new requirements for photovoltaic systems.
  • Explain the research and development in progress for smart grid system solutions.
  • Explain how industry developments are creating the need for new workforce skills.

About Our Instructors

ImagineSolar has trained thousands of individuals, many of whom have gone on to be a integral part of the solar and smart grid industries. Our instructors teach best practices using the most current technologies and methods. Our course instruction is continuously updated with the latest advancements as the fast-paced smart grid industry expands and evolves.

Instructional Material Provided

SG101e is an online course. The course consists of instructor videos, PDFs of ImagineSolar smart grid presentations, additional readings, and interactive problem sets. The course is self-paced with instructor support for all online participants.
After completing this course, you will understand how your current experience, skill set, and background apply to the smart grid industry.

System Requirements for our eLearning Campus

Our elearning campus uses the Moodle learning platform. There are no download requirements to use Moodle. The following are the system requirements to access the ImagineSolar elearning campus and to interact with our online material.

High-speed broadband Internet access is recommended.

You access our elearning campus from a web browser on your PC/tablet/notepad. Windows and Apple devices are both supported.

Minimum Browser for using Moodle
Firefox 4, Internet Explorer 8, Safari 5, Google Chrome 11, Opera 9. The operating system is not important.

Browser Settings and Plug-ins
Java Runtime Environment 1.4 or higher
JavaScript Enabled
Cookies Enabled
Pop-Up blocking Disabled

Moodle uses a Flash Player for viewing videos that is compatible with all PC-based and Android devices. If you are using Apple computers, install “Adobe Player for Mac” or its equivalent to view the video lectures. For Apple iPads, install Photon Flash Player for iPad or the Puffin Web Browser or the equivalent.

To view documents that you download, you will need Adobe Reader or equivalent software.


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