Rudy Maio

Success Story: Rudy Maio

Rudy Maio is from El Paso and has been doing electrical work for over 30 years and now has his own electrical contracting business. He describes himself as a very goal-oriented person which explains all of his many accomplishments. Rudy joined the I.B.E.W. apprenticeship program and excelled to such a degree that he was asked to become an instructor for the JATC right out of school. Rudy has been a member of the El Paso JATC since 2000 and a master electrician since 2006. After years of teaching at the JATC and the El Paso Community College, Rudy decided it was time to start his solar training so he could “be in on the ground floor when Solar takes off here in El Paso.”

In 2009, Rudy took the “Train the Trainer class” taught by ImagineSolar’s Michael Kuhn. According to Rudy, “I knew it was over my head when I learned that the others in this class had been teaching solar energy and the majority of them were electrical engineers or professors with years of experience in this subject matter.” Nevertheless, he sought help and gave it everything he had. Rudy realized that he would be better off taking ImagineSolar’s entry-level course, PV201, and excelled. Once again, Rudy was asked to be an instructor and has since taught two PV 1 classes for the El Paso JATC. Working with Border Solar in El Paso, Rudy has installed three residential arrays and one 10 KW system on a retirement home.

Rudy couldn’t be more pleased that he is now a NABCEP Certified Installer, having passed the September 11, 2010 exam. According to Rudy, “I highly recommend taking any class taught by Mike and Imagine Solar, but take them in order!”

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