Joe Hawi

Success Story: Joe Hawi

Nova Energia (Lebanon)

Joe Hawi is our youngest success story to date and has quite an impressive story. Joe joins us from Lebanon where he is a second-year engineering student at Notre Dame University Lebanon. Joe speaks Arabic, French and English and at 19, is already launching his career in solar energy. Joe states that as is the case in much of the world, solar PV technology is at its infancy in Lebanon, but he sees great potential there as Lebanon has a tremendous solar resource (300+ days of sun per year) and because energy demands are exceeding supply, the Lebanese are looking towards renewables to solve their energy crisis.

Joe knew that he did not want to wait to finish his degree to get technical training in solar PV and that he would have to pursue this training outside of Lebanon. He began searching the NABCEP website certification providers in the US, seeking an “efficient” program that offered courses over the duration of weeks rather than months. He tells us that he also wanted to take his PV courses in the US because he wanted to study in English and eventually become NABCEP certified so going to Europe was not an option. He also sees the US as having the most advanced PV market with the best government incentives in the world. All of this plus what he read about our experienced and certified instructors led him to the ImagineSolar Career School.

Joe completed PV400 and PV320 and found that in both courses, he got a lot of information in a relatively short time. Like other trainees, Joe found the hands-on installation experience to be both informative and enjoyable. Joe is planning on taking the NABCEP PV entry level exam in March 2011 and will return at a later date to sit for the NABCEP PV Installer Certification Exam after getting some installation experience and completing his engineering studies. Joe is the co-founder of a solar company in Lebanon called “NovaEnergia”, and when he returns, he will lead the design of his company’s first major solar PV project: a 500 KW, off-grid commercial solar PV installation in Lebanon.

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