Jim Bartlett & Tim Meisinger

Success Story: Jim Bartlett & Tim Meisinger

Jim Bartlett and Tim Meisinger, Arise Energy Solutions, LLC

Jim and Tim are ImagineSolar graduates who visited us from Colorado. They were both looking at ways to get into the renewable energy field for years and in 2009, saw that component costs were going down and incentives were becoming more widely available in Colorado. They decided saw a golden opportunity and founded their company, Arise Energy Solutions, in early 2010.

Jim and Tim took the PV201 and PV Sales and Marketing workshops. According to Jim, “it was sort of like drinking from a fire hose for a full week as we prepped for taking the NABCEP entry-level exam immediately afterward. And I’m proud to say we both passed with ‘A’ grades, thanks to your help.” The reason that they chose Austin over Colorado to do their training was largely ImagineSolar CEO, Michael Kuhn. “One thing that impressed us was the fact that he was one of only a few in the US who were ISPQ Certified Master Trainers”, said Jim. “His credentials and track record in training top-notch professionals in the business is what sold us on making the trip to Austin.”

Tim and Jim speak very highly of their experience at ImagineSolar. In terms of the course content, they found the repetition of key concepts in different formats and the combination of classroom and hands-on lab work the most valuable components. They have also benefitted from the connections they made with other solar PV entrepreneurs who were in the workshops as well as the ImagineSolar instructors, all of whom have been available to assist Tim and Jim as they have built their business.

Since starting Arise Energy Solutions, Tim and Jim have completed a number of residential installations all over the Denver metro area, ranging from just 3kW to over 7kW in size, and are considering several jobs that will range up to 10kW in size. They are currently working with a customer who wants to build a 50-acre solar farm, which will hopefully serve as a utility-scale “PV poster child” in this rural area. Business has gone so well that Tim and Jim are training install teams and looking to train salespeople. They will be returning for our PV 400 workshop in February 2011 in preparation to sit for the NABCEP PV Installer Certification Exam and we plan on getting them on video then.

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