David C. Agbakoba

Success Story: David C. Agbakoba

CEO, Solar Jooce


We caught up with David just before he headed to his native Nigeria to distribute solar-powered lighting systems to rural Nigerians who have little or no access to power. David’s start-up, Solar Jooce, is focusing its efforts in Nigeria now with goals to expand to neighboring African countries in the future. One of the main goals is to provide children with light to study by in the evening hours so they may complete their homework. David took PV201 at ImagineSolar in order to better understand the technology that he is distributing in Africa. He found the course immensely helpful and shared his knowledge with his colleagues so they are all well-versed in solar PV technology.

David and his colleagues will be on the ground for 2 months starting in October and their visit is timely as on October 1, 2010, Nigeria celebrates 50 years of independence from the United Kingdom. David and the Solar Jooce team will be charging folks for the solar lighting systems with some available for free of charge for people who cannot afford them. The systems also function as cell phone chargers which are also hugely important for people who do not have access to electricity. David is hoping to eventually deliver solar lighting systems to small businesses in these areas as well where many shopkeepers, like local villagers, use kerosene lamps for lighting.

David is currently purchasing the solar lighting systems from a manufacturer in China. He hopes that US manufacturers will get more involved in creating solar lights and other simple products that are hugely beneficial to people in the developing world.

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