Community Solar Work

ImagineSolar is dedicated to accelerating the transformation
of the energy industry to a solar and smart grid future.

Our long-standing mission has been to actively advance opportunity,
advocacy and policy in the solar community.


We are thrilled about the recent government announcements of initiatives to foster the access to solar energy across low and moderate income communities:

July 19th, 2016: Obama Administration Announces the ‘Clean Energy Access For All‘  initiative  to increase solar energy and promote energy efficiency for working families and veterans across the United States.

July 19th, 2016: Download the Department of Energy’s ‘Best Practice Guidelines for Residential PACE Financing’ here.



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ImagineSolar assists Skillpoint Alliance’s High School students solar project: Community First!

ImagineSolar is building pathways to solar opportunity through the following partnerships and initiatives:

July 22nd, 2016: ImagineSolar assists Skillpoint Alliance’s High School students solar project: Community First!

Ongoing: ImagineSolar Volunteer Corps -
The Volunteer Corps is a work-trade option for those who want solar training and have special skills or time to offer.
Click here to sign up for the Volunteer Corps.


ImagineSolar has been working in solar advocacy and policy efforts since 1998 :

Solar 1st Saturday -
The free Solar 1st Saturday discussion series brought solar enthusiasts together to discuss the changing landscapes of advocacy, policy and opportunity in the industry.  Hosted at ImagineSolar Training Center and locally-owned home improvement store Treehouse, guests included: CleanTX, Solar Austin, Environment Texas, and Circular Energy. You can view the video archive of these community events on our YouTube channel.

Austin Local Solar Advisory Committee (LSAC) -
Michael Kuhn was appointed by City Council in April 2012 to serve as a member of Austin’s Local Solar Advisory Committee. This committee was charged with developing a strategic plan with specific recommendations to ensure the optimum utilization of Austin’s local solar energy resource base. You can read the final LSAC Report, published November 2012, by clicking here.  City Council-assigned tasks for the committee included:
• Review and update studies of Austin’s local solar resource base.
• Assess all methods of local solar development and analyze their costs, including customer-owned systems, leased systems, financing mechanisms, community solar, incentives, multi-family facility systems, and others.
• Consider how these resources interact with each other and with existing energy infrastructure.
• Integrate these models, assessments, and analyses into a strategic plan establishing realistic goals and a timetable for maximizing Austin’s local solar energy resource and related economic development.
• Provide solar energy development scenarios suitable for serving as a foundation for a service-area-wide goal through the year 2020, with an interim goal for 2015.
• Make recommendations relating to current and future Austin Energy solar programs, products, rates, tariffs, marketing, incentives, financing, economic development, and regulatory initiatives.

Previous Solar Training Grant Program -
In 2010, ImagineSolar was awarded the Energy Training Partnership Grant on behalf of ARRA High Growth and Emerging Industries, and the Department of Labor.  With the help of Austin Electrical Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee (AEJATC), and the Workforce Solutions – Capital Area Workforce Board, ImagineSolar created the Comprehensive-National Electrician Solar Training initiative (C-NEST). With the support of our partners, ImagineSolar went on to implement this ambitious solar and smart grid training program across the five-state region of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, New Mexico, and Arizona. Our performance on this grant gained recognition for promising practices from the Department of Labor as well as the Texas Workforce Investment Council, Office of the Governor.

Resource Management Commission (RMC) -
• Michael Kuhn was appointed Vice-Chair of the Resource Management Commission (RMC)by the Mayor Pro-Tem of Austin, and served 1998 – 2005. The RMC consults for the Mayor and the City Council on public policy for advanced energy technologies, renewable energy sources, green building, clean energy economic development, and energy and water conservation. The RMC brought to council the next-generation of incentives and policies for renewable energy, for commercial, residential, and utility sectors. Michael Kuhn’s resolutions included a new aggressive renewable energy portfolio, specific goals for solar electric power in the city’s 5-year plan, and a new solar rebate program – the first in Texas – which also required certified installers to do the work. His service term also featured the introduction strategic planning, team-building, and effectiveness processes (PR, cable-casting of meetings) to the RMC.