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Discover how ImagineSolar has helped thousands of people’s careers.


“I [am] officially a NABCEP Certified Solar PV Installer!  I want to thank… the people of ImagineSolar for being a huge asset with training and preparing me for the converted certification in the solar PV industry!  I am awaiting word from NABCEP if I am the first deaf individual to pass the exam.”  -Jason Shaw, President at Blue Paw Energy Service & President of RESA (Renewable Energy Student Association) at ACC

“ImagineSolar prepared me for the NABCEP installer and technical sales tests. I hold both certificates and highly recommend ImagineSolar.” -Fred Brimhall, solar entrepreneur, Abundant Solar, Austin, TX

“I had studied PV quite a bit before this workshop. However, I learned so much more in one week that I will gain the cost of the workshop back in a very short time as I ramp my business into solar.” -Ernest Hill, Odessa, Texas

“The class was certainly a lot more than I expected.  I really liked the way we were introduce to the science of solar power in that we covered mathematics, theory, electrical calculation brush up, solar system layout pertaining to the earth and the sun, the advances in solar power especially in other countries (Germany, Japan) and the need to take advantage of such an abundant source.  I really appreciated the opportunity to do the hands on portion with the knowledgeable instructors around especially with equipment new to us.  The breaking up into groups to perform the difference phases of installations, calculations and equipment introduction was an excellent idea.  All three instructors did a great job and seemed really enthused with their work.  I really think that the NJATC needs to look closely at inserting some solar power training into the apprenticeship program as I can see the need for qualified and safety orientated personnel being of great demand in the future if not now.”  -Tino Vasquez, Vice President Scott Electric Company, Corpus Christi, Texas

“I would like to thank all of the instructors at ImagineSolar for their efforts over the past few months.  I can now say that I am NABCEP Certified.  This could not have happened without you. -Doug Camp, LEED GA, NABCEP Certified Solar PV Installer, Corbo Electric Company Inc.

“ImagineSolar provided not only a pathway to the NABCEP Certification Exam, but also in-depth installation experience on cutting-edge solar technology including AC-coupled bimodal systems, micro-inverters, dual-axis trackers, and cylindrical CIGS modules as well as traditional solar technology.”  -Jack Payne, Owner, B.J. Electric, and member of the JATC Board of Trustees, Austin, Texas

“I’ve had the chance to attend the 40-hour solar training program for Imagine Solar – http://imaginesolar.com – They have a great course/training program that prepares you for the NABCEP Exam which certifies you to install solar panels.  The course is thorough and I’d recommend it to anyone.  High stars!”  -James Wilson, Austin, Texas

“I was new to the industry, so I enrolled in their introductory courses; what they call their PV100 series (PV for photovoltaic).  By the end of the class we (the students) were installing modules in an array on a mock up roof, hooking everything up to combiner boxes, cut-offs and inverters, and then we pridefully watched the meter spin backwards.  Keep in mind, I didn’t know the difference between a volt, amp, or watt before this class.  These guys are professional, down to earth and just flat out knowledgable.  What’s more, they are passionate about what they are doing.  Even if you’re just interested in learning the basics, like me, I’d recommend these guys in a heart beat.”  -Brian Morris, PV150 participant

“I’ve taken this course [PV250] from ImagineSolar (in the classroom) and can highly recommend it for anyone starting to get serious about their passion for all the the solar industry offers, and, of course, for anyone in the industry ready to increase their professional credentials.” -Scott Burton, PV250 graduate

“I feel much more confident with theory and application after this week.  I had already read a good portion of the textbook previous to class, but the classroom instruction and hands on training really helped to reinforce learning.”  -Justin Davis, Austin, Texas

“I found the workshop very informative.  There was a lot of info that was presented and it was in a way that was easy to learn and understand.”  -Scott St. Birch

“The workshop is very intensive and instructive.  Considering the amount of material, it seemed like it was a two week workshop.  The book is very explanatory and I will continue to use it for further learning.”  -Ernest Jackson

“The workshop was very good overall. It was much more intense than I anticipated, but was also very helpful and extremely intellectually stimulating!”  -Christy Philips

“I thought the workshop was very informative.  I would recommend it to everyone that is interested in learning more about solar power.”  -David Huttenmaier

“I got what I wanted – a crash course in the nuts and bolts of solar energy and a good look at the state of the industry in Texas and the rest of the world.  I made some good networking contacts as well.”  -Gordon Gunn, Austin, Texas

“I like how educated the instructors were.  They could answer any question I asked, and I ask a lot. Everything tied in together nicely.  I’ve been to a lot of classes and feel this was the most efficiently delivered class thus far.  You can really see the passion they have for what they’re teaching.”  -Patrick Pollard, Albuquerque, NM

“I chose the ImagineSolar online course because of the availability of their solar field lab training. Their labs were spot-on!” -Keith Knepp, RayMax Solar

“The hands-on training was a critical addition to their online course. The experience of the instructors was impressive. The labs were enjoyable and informative.” -Jeff King, RayMax Solar