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In 2011, Forbes named Austin the “City Most Likely to Grow & Prosper in Next Decade”and “America’s Next Big Boom Town”, compared to 52 of the U.S.’s largest cities.  The Austin region had impressive two-year job and population growth, as well as high numbers of college graduates and births. In 2012, Austin was ranked the #2 City People Are Moving To.  

From the world’s largest computer makers, processor manufacturers, software developers, clean energy, green living, and don’t forget arts and entertainment, it is all happening in Austin, TX. Check out Austin’s energy future below and look out for ImagineSolar at 1:20, 1:40, 4:28, 4:44, 5:27 and 5:57.


“Excellent Job Market & Economy”


“Best City to Live In”


“Healthiest & Fittest City”

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