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Success Story: Tom Norrell

Tom Norrell, Your Master Electrician & Your Solar Solutions

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Tom Norrell is another ImagineSolar success story!  He took our PV201: Solar PV System Design & Installation course and plans to continue with our Advanced Training courses.

1) Tell us about your background. What work have you done in the solar industry?

My education is in HVAC, and I had an HVAC Contractors and a Master Electrician License. Moving back to Texas some 20 years ago, I shifted to Electrical Contracting. I have been a Master Electrician for about 22 years, and while rewarding, I had interests in living and working a greener lifestyle.

My wife and I have done a green makeover for our life at home with things like soy foam insulation, LED lighting, a 20 SEER air-conditioning unit, 5,000 gallons and growing rainwater tanks, photovoltaic and solar thermal hot water.  We look not only to make our world a better place but also for anyone else that wants our help.

*See Tom’s project photos at bottom of page.

2) How did ImagineSolar prepare you for a career in solar energy?  

One thing I have found in my ”solar experience” over the last 5 years is that the solar/green world is chock full of wonderful people. Taking classes at ImagineSolar has been an incredible experience and has provided me with an avenue for a really fulfilling career.

Going to school at ImagineSolar was really great. The hands-on experience with top flight equipment and NABCEP Solar Professionals was a dream come true.

Now being a Solar Contractor, I have been able to work with many like-minded people, helping them expand their solar dreams into reality. We helped a large commercial nursery cut their huge electric bill in half. Wow, were they happy!

3) Why did you choose ImagineSolar as your training provider?

Having interest in getting into Solar, I read and researched the subject. Online I discovered ImagineSolar and went about researching what they were all about. While doing an online search on ”solar Austin, Texas”, I discovered a wealth of information on [ImagineSolar] founder Michael Kuhn. He was involved up to his neck in the groundwork of the solar movement in Austin.

Through various boards and committees, Michael has probably done more than anyone to push Austin into the solar future of Texas. I felt he was the kind of human being I would like to associate with. The name of his school says it all, “ImagineSolar”.

4) What advice would you give to a person wanting to enter the solar industry? 

Typically a solar customer is an ideal customer. They really want what you’re selling, so if you can make the solar investment they are making in themselves monetarily sensible, it is a done deal.

There are lots of ways to make a living out there, some more lucrative than others, some more fulfilling than the rest.

Solar is a business where you can make a decent living, love your job, make a difference in people’s lives and in all our futures. So find a spot on the grass, lay back, look at that beautiful sky and “ImagineSolar”.


Tom Norrell, Your Master Electrician and Your Solar Solutions
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