Advanced 1-Day Solar PV Hands-On Workshop


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This advanced 1-day solar PV hands-on workshop complements our online courses:

  • Foundations of Solar PV System Design & Installation
  • Solar Business & Technical Sales
  • Advanced Online Solar PV Systems & NABCEP Certification Exam Prep

Workshop Agenda

- LAB Preparation: Flashing and Mounting

  • Prepping for PV: Installing & Flashing PV Roof Mounts
  • Sunmodo Installation Guide
  • Sunmodo EZ Roof Mount L Foot Installation Promo Video
  • Quick Mount PV: Classic Composition Mounting Instructions

- Hands-On LAB: Flashing and Mounting Lab

- Designing SolarEdge DC-to-DC Power Optimizer Systems

  • SolarEdge Power Optimizer Spec Sheet
  • SolarEdge Single Phase Inverters Spec Sheet
  • Solar Edge Presentation

- Lab Preparation: Grid-tied PV System Installation & Commissioning

  • CanadianSolar PV Module Datasheet
  • CanadianSolar Installation Manual
  • Ecolibrium Solar Power Accessory Bracket
  • Ecolibrium Solar Ecofoot2+ Solar Mounting Systems
    • Ecofoot2+ Data Sheet
    • Ecofoot2+ Installation Guide
  • Solar Edge System Drawing
  • SolarEdge Lab Bill of Materials
  • SolarEdge PV System Installation & Commissioning Procedure
  • SolarEdge Inverter Quick Installation Guide

- Hands-On Lab: Grid-tied DC-Optimizer PV System Installation & Commissioning

  • Debrief Installation Lab
  • Demo SolarEdge Site Designer

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